nana is coming ...

My Mom is coming into town on Monday morning ... and she is staying for 4 days!!! The thing is, Kylie always decides to change her sleeping patterns right before she gets here. Sooo, this past week my husband and I have been dealing with getting up 2 times a night ... last night was midnight and 4am (the 4am one she was awake for about an hour). Then she woke up again at 6:30am for food! Either she is having a growth spurt, or she is just getting herself ready to spend lots of time with Nana :)

The thing that I find funny is that she waited for my Mom to get to the delivery room before she came out. My Mom had to fly into town from Southern California and I had been pushing for about an hour and 45 minutes. Literally, within 5 minutes of my Mom getting there, she came out! Something about her Nana gets her all excited :) Me too!

Getting ready to go on a walk with a sweet friend. Then the dreaded grocery shopping :(


story time ...

Kylie and I met some friends at the library today for story time! It was short and sweet ... songs, clapping, smiles, reading, jumping. They really encourage interaction with the kids during song time and story time, which makes it more fun and entertaining for the little ones. I think we will make this a weekly tradition!


some new things ...

I have some fun new things in the works that have been taking up a lot of my time ... hence the absence here on my blog! I am sorry for not posting consistently. I feel bad that I have been neglecting this so much lately ... please forgive me :) These new fun things wont be up and going for a few weeks probably, but I will be sure to give you a sneak peak soon!

Hope you all had a restful chilly weekend. We got a little hail about an hour ago ... kinda fun!

What did you do this weekend?


sorry it's been so long ...

Kylie is finally coming around and starting to feel better. It's been 7 days of this ... yuck! My husband and I are trying not to come down with it too, but I think it may be too late. We are feeling a little under the weather, unfortunately.

Things I got checked off my list today:

- Completed my orders
- Continued laundry
- Made TONS of baby food to replenish our freezer
- Walked to the park and fed Kylie on the bench while watching the kids play (we needed a break from the house)
- Wrapped a present for an upcoming birthday
- Organized some activities for Kylie and I ... and our playgroup (baby swim lessons, CPR class, story time at our public library)

I didn't do too bad. I am sooo tired ... I think we are all hitting bed pretty soon. Stirring up some inspiration for our February design and giveaway! Hope you all aren't too sick ... I think pretty much everyone is sick right now :(


my little sicky ...

The past couple days have been a bit of a bummer around here. Kylie came down with a yucky cold and has been battling a fever for the past 3 days, along with the sniffles, sneezes and coughing. Poor baby. This is her very first time being sick ... which I am thankful for, with her being 9 months.

Sorry for the boring post, but there is nothing too exiting going on right now! Just trying to get her better and not come down with it myself.

I will share a few picture from her 9 month photo session ... sick and all. Oh, and please ignore the spit up on her shirt. Go figure!


play day fun ...

Feeding the ducks! Kylie didn't get to do much today at playgroup because she is still too young to do some of the activities. But she still has a fun time watching and anticipating when she will get to be a "big girl" and do those things!

pictures, finally ...

Drum roll please! Sooo, the craft that we did was a clip/bow holder. Kylie is just starting to get a bit of length to her hair, so I bought her some fun clips (as you will see) ... so, of course I need a cute and practical way of storing them! It has a loop at the top so it can be hung on the wall.

I almost need to make another one! That will be a project for another day ...


a windy monday ...

This week, I am looking forward to:

A relaxing Monday, to follow a relaxing Sunday :)
Bible study tonight with our awesome friends
Kylie's 9 month well check tomorrow morning
Playgroup tomorrow (we're feeding ducks ... how fun is that!)
Planning a trip for my Mom to come up to visit
Making Kylie's birthday invitations

What are you looking forward to this week?


winner ...

The winner for the necklace giveaway is JAN!!! It sounds like everyone gave such wonderful, fun (and some practical) gifts this year! I am sure they were much appreciated.

Jan, e-mail me your address when you get a chance and I will get it in the mail :) cristinaashleydesigns@gmail.com

I don't have my camera at the moment, but when I get it back I will post a picture of my craft ... it turned out SOOOO cute! I'm going to have to make another one soon because I am so in love with it :)

Happy Saturday!


inspired craft ...

Each day I set aside a little time to check out all my favorite blogs for my daily inspiration. A couple days ago I came across something that I was tempted to purchase, but decided to make instead. So, I invited friends over and we will be doing a craft! It ends up that mine may be a little more expensive than if I were to just buy it offline, but creating it and being with a friend is what makes it fun!

I will post a picture when it is complete ... it's a surprise :)

What crafts do you love?


bubbles ...

A couple weeks back, Kylie and I took a walk to the corner of our street where there is a grassy patch. We parked her stroller, pulled out her blanket, set her and "tickle toes" down and blew bubbles! Kylie, much like most children, is fascinated with bubbles. She spreads her arms out wide and takes deep breaths, enjoying every bubble that pops on her! It is adorable to see.

Her first birthday is coming up quick ... beginning of April ... so we have decided to plan a bubble party for her. It is going to be so stinkin fun! I have started what I can on the planning process and I am getting really excited about it. There are so many fun, unique things you can do with a bubble theme.

Here are a few pictures of Kylie from our day ...


something we have in common ...

Kylie and I have a lot in common, but one thing is for sure. We both love our shoes. I like shoes that are simple, flat and can slip right on without a fuss. I am sure Kylie loves that too ... but these days she needs the kind that can slip on but not slip off! The kind with the velcro strap around the top so she can't rip them off. So her shoes aren't so simple anymore, but she still loves them and they are still cute!


this is what happens ...

When Daddy dresses me.

It's not like it's cold out there or anything!!!


new design & giveaway ...

Here is the new design and giveaway for January. Very simple ... very sweet. I will be selecting the winner next Friday, so check back then! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year. New memories, new traditions, new inspiration!

What was your favorite gift that you either gave or received this year???