my to-do list for today ...

Totally boring post today because, well, it's going to be a boring day around here. No big plans. Nothing exciting. So, here it is:

Patch holes in walls
Make brownies for Bible Study tonight
Stamp jewelry {only the ones that are a MUST today!}
Pack some more
Paint the patched up areas on the wall
Give Kylie a bath {giving myself one is up there, too!}
Post office
Pack, pack, pack
Bible Study

Get my drift? Boring day. Don't know if I will even get to it all today! Hope you have a more eventful day than us! Happy Tuesday XOXO.


new designs are here! ...

For those of you waiting on the arrival of your purchase, a HUGE heap load of packages went out this morning ... Expect them soon! Here is a peek at the new designs I keep telling you about {many of which are featuring THE new font}! These are up in the shop, so go by and visit when you get a chance.

*** On a quick {or not so quick} side note: I am absolutely LOVING the weather we have been so lucky to have. Mostly cloudy, with the sun poking it's beautiful face through every now and again. Breezy, a few raindrops here and there! Makes me want to bundle up with my baby, turn a cartoon on and sip some hot cocoa. You in???

Back to the main event ...


i'm.really.excited ...

To share MORE new designs with you this weekend! I got my new font set yesterday afternoon!!! Super cute ... Hope you agree. I have a couple {brand spanking} new things to show you. Think: Super simple {small, but perfect} Birthday of Christmas gift. Any guesses? I will share soon! Also ... Cat tag designs coming in the near future. I just need to whip up a couple designs and I will have them up in the shop soon! Happy Friday. So ready for the weekend. I am craving some quality family time.

Isn't this moving box too cute?


new designs ...

Ahhh ... We are almost there! To the weekend, that is. It's Thursday!!! I have a few new necklaces to share with you. I will have lots more to come once my super cute font {lowercase typewriter} arrives! Stay tuned ... And happy Thursday to you.


sale!!! ...

Today and tomorrow {Monday and Tuesday} enjoy free shipping on all orders placed through my Etsy shop! Order must be placed on these 2 days, then shipping will be refunded after purchase is made. Go shop! www.cristinaashleydesign.etsy.com

Happy Labor Day!!!


moving ...

In just a few weeks we will be packing up and leaving our sweet little Danville apartment and readjusting to life in a home! We were able {and blessed} to find a home that will fit our growing family and we are super duper excited for all the adventures that come along with it! All the things we have lived without ... A backyard, garage, fireplace, front yard, porch. I am ancy! I need to just take one day at a time and remember to breathe because I have less than 4 weeks to pack. Yikes! When we get settled in, I will have a little *sale* to share with you!!! Happy Friday XOXO ...


chocolate-y, powdered sugar-y, delicious ...

Muddy buddies. I made these for a Bible study gathering last night and little miss Kylie was there to help. I am usually not okay with her getting dirty and flinging things around, but yesterday ... I decided to let her be a toddler and get messy. Chocolate on her clohtes, in her hair and all over the kitchen. Oh, and she ate some, too {I think that was a given}. Of course, bath time was immediately after!