out of town ...

We will be leaving for out of town later this evening ... so excited to go relax!!! If you have any orders to place to take advantage of the sale, be sure to place them via email, cristinaashleydesigns@gmail.com, on or before Sunday. I will have some access to email and will get the paypal invoice to you as soon as I can. Please be as specific as possible if placing a custom order. Thanks!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Here is a peek at what is over in my Etsy shop ... www.cristinaashleydesign.etsy.com. Go shop!


fab finds ...

Because I am such an avid blog reader, I come across WAY too many cute things on the net. I get on inspiration overload, and today is no exception! Kylie took a 2 hour nap today and of course I had nothing better to do than surf the internet, right? Uh huh :)

I am going to start a new weekly post that will be titles "fab finds" and I will post pictures of some of my favorite findings from that week. Some might be photos, some may clothes, decor, baby stuff, etc.

So here we go ...

"Mommy's Helper Half Apron" for toddlers ... too cute for words. I think Kylie will be getting one of these in her Easter basket???

Chocolate Settee. 2 words = I WANT!!!

Sweet, whimsical stationery from Paper-Source. Trying to think of an excuse to need this :)

Fun vintage-y top from a store called "Ruche"

Orange Armless Chair. So stinkin' cool I can't stand it!

is it possible ... ?

To be stressed and relaxed at the same time? I have a sleeping baby on a cold, rainy morning, which makes for a nice quiet chunk of time ... but SO much to get done today. Here is my TO DO list for today:

Story and music time at a local baby boutique
Target ... need a few last minute things
Oil change
Grocery store
2 sets of people coming over to look at an armoir we have for sale
Pre-make food for this weekend in Genoa

Uggghhh, reading through the list again makes me stressed all over! It gets pounded through quicker than it looks most of the time, which is encouraging!


an errand kind of day ...

Kylie and I are about to head out to get some errands ran before the weekend. We are leaving for Genoa on Friday night ... yay! We SO need a relaxing weekend. Oh, and to play in the snow ... how could I forget that :)


sale + this week = go shop ...

Enjoy 15% off your order from Sunday to Sunday ... go shop! Sale ends this Sunday, March 1st. Please submit all orders to me, via e-mail so I can send you an invoice with the discount! Click on the links to the left to view my jewelry.

I will leave you with a picture of Kylie with her beloved celery stick! Every time I sit down to have a snack (specifically: celery and organic peanut butter), she always manages to sneak over and steal one. And oh boy, if she doesn't get one ... not good!

Off to playgroup. Enjoy your Tuesday ... the weather is beautiful here!


happy almost valentines day ...

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. The rain has kept us inside off and on this week, but it has been nice to stay home and catch up on things around the house! Tomorrow is Valentines Day :) Do something special for someone! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a special day tomorrow.

*** I know this isn't an uplifting part of the post, but I would like to share this story with you because it has affected me in a way that I cannot ignore this issue that is going on.

My husband was driving home from work one night last week and, as usual, was listening to Christian talk radio. A woman came on the radio and was sharing her story in hopes that it would gain more publicity and attention.

This woman was a nurse at a hospital in Illinois (I think) and one day came across something that would change her life forever. In this hospital that she worked at, they were performing abortions for those girls/women who had discovered they didn't want their child anymore. So the doctors would perform an abortion ... in many cases, late in their 2nd trimester and into their third ... that would often start labor. These babies were born, some as early as 23 weeks, and these precious babies would be taken to a soiled utility room to be left for dead. The nurses would leave them on cold scales, metal shelves ... and "some were lucky enough to be wrapped up tight in a blanket under a heat lamp" without oxygen, food or medical care. Just to die ... alone. Cold, weak and innocent. When this particular nurse discovered what was going on she pleaded for medical care for these babies, but was rejected every time. The final straw was when she went into that utility room and took one of the babies, who was denied help, and held that baby close to her and rocked it until it took it's last breath. It broke her heart and soon after, she started speaking publicly about what was going on in many hospitals throughout the country. Because of the negative attention she was bringing in, she was soon fired from this hospital and has created a website that has more information in hopes that more people will hear this story and be touched enough to help.

This tore me apart inside because these precious little babies don't have a say in how they are treated. I don't understand how someone could be so heartless to deny a baby the health care it needs. They are LIVING human beings!!! I will be creating a sale in the next week or two and 20% of the proceeds will go to this organization to help spread the word. Stay tuned!

I am sorry for such a morbid post, but Valentines day to me is about loving everyone in our lives, not just our spouses. I want to love these babies and help them live the life that we were all blessed to live. I hope you will help me :)

Visit her website for more information: www.bornalivetruth.org. Thank you in advance!


nana is gone ...

It was so wonderful having my Mom up here to hang out and help with Kylie. Nana always brings about new things ... more babbling (seriously sounding like she is trying to say words), crawling faster than ever, more personality, etc. It has always been that way with Kylie. She seems to blossom and start new things when others are around! We are working on "Thank You" right now. My Mom started this one and we loved hearing Kylie try to say it, so my husband and I continue to do this multiple times a day!

Hope you are enjoying the little things this weekend. Happy Sunday!

*** Blogging may be a bit slower for now (on top of no giveaways ... sorry), due to all the changes going on. It wont be much different than it has been lately! Sorry for the blogging absence. But stick around because when I do get back into the swing of things, it will be WONDERFUL!!! Lots of new stuff.