Happy New Years Eve ...

I am sorry I have been so absent from blogging! I promise, promise I will start up again after the new year ... it has been so stinkin' busy settling back in after Christmas. We are heading out of town today ... I will be out of commission for the next couple days = no featured design tomorrow :( I will have it up by Friday. Guaranteed! Check back then :) Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe New Years!!!

What are you doing for New Years Eve???


merry Christmas to all ...

And to all a very busy week ahead, I am sure! We are leaving for Southern California tonight and wont be back until Saturday. I wont be blogging until then, at least. Remember to check back January 1st, if you think of it, to enter your comment into the giveaway!

Merry Christmas ...


another rainy day ...

I have to admit ... again ... that I am loving the rain! It makes it feel so much more like Winter (Christmas, too!). It has been so cold here this past week that we had a hail storm for about 20 minutes. Kinda fun :) You should have seen me running around the house trying to find my camera, then going to check on Kylie, then going outside to snap a picture, then to check on Kylie again and so on! Lame I tell ya ... but hey, we don't get those too often!!!

Here's proof ...


time to relax ...

So the Christmas order rush is done!!! Now begins all the other holiday to-dos, but first comes the fun stuff:

1) Enjoy the Christmas tree
2) Play with Kylie uninterrupted
3) Wrap Christmas gifts
4) Make Christmas cards
5) Clean the house (finally a good one!)
6) Pack for our 4 day trip to Southern California
7) Family time ... should have been #1
8) Bake cookies!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying time with their families and all the fun smells, sights, and sounds that come along with this season! Thanks for all of your orders ... I really appreciate the business. It is overwhelming during this time of year, but such a blessing! Thank you.

Here is a funny picture of the gift my husband took to his "white elephant" gift exchange at work ...


holiday orders ...

An FYI for all of you who have not received your orders yet:

They will be shipping Monday or Tuesday!!! Sorry for the lag time ... I have been swamped with all the orders and am trying to get them all finished up all by myself :) My wish for next year is that I can hire a bit of help! Complete craziness the past few weeks ... you don't even want to see my house right now. Disgusting is all I can think!!! Hasn't been cleaned in about 2 weeks. Disgusting. But I have been blessed with wonderful people placing orders and being so understanding :) Thank you.

Go enjoy a quiet day at home with family on this cloudy, gloomy Sunday!


my Christmas baby ...

She is 8 months old!!!


washers have been discontinued ...

Just an FYI for all my customers who are wanting to place an order ... I am no longer offering washers until further notice. They have been placed on back order from the manufacturer and we don't know when they will be available again. I will keep you posted as I know more. We have some cute designs with the washer pendant, so I am excited to get them back in as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding ... I hope you will find another design you like just as much!

Also ... the larger hammered flowers are running a bit low and they are on back order as well. I do have other sizes available. Please contact me if you are interested! We have plenty of options :)

Happy Wednesday!!!


i love this time of year ...

Because I feel all warm and fuzzy when I look around and see all the Christmas decorations! I love sipping hot cocoa sitting in front of the Christmas tree with its twinkling lights ... mmm. I wish it were Christmastime all year long. Isn't there a song written about that :)

Some holiday warm and fuzzies ...

new product & another SALE ...

Tomorrow is the LAST day to place holiday orders and have a guaranteed delivery before Christmas! Soooo, I am having another day of sales for those of you who were not able to hop online and order on December 1st at our 20% off sale. Tomorrows will be just as good though! I am offering a 10% discount off ALL orders ... big or small ... AND a FREE pair of white freshwater pearl earrings with every order!!! Remember to check out my shops (links are on the left side of the blog) for new product. Please place orders through me via email. Thanks!

Here are a few of the pieces from the holiday boutique I did this past weekend ... I LOVE these ones because they are so simple, but really pretty!


winners for the suprise necklaces ...

Thank you to all who participated in the "want to make someone's day" post! There are quite a few deserving women. I want to make sure they all get them before Christmas, so please e-mail me their address as soon as you get a chance! cristinaashleydesigns@gmail.com.

New jewelry coming tomorrow!!! I promise to be back on a regular blogging schedule with pictures, inspiration, updates, and jewelry ... of course. It has been crazy crazy in our neck of the woods!


holiday boutique ...

I am participating in a Holiday Boutique with the "Womens Ministry" at Church this Saturday, December 6th. I have a couple new designs to share with you after we get past the rush of preparation for this! I will updating my shops on Sunday, so be sure to check them out. I will, of course, post pictures on here as well.

I have some pictures to post later today of what we have been up to the past week or so ... Thanksgiving, Christmas tree shopping, baby dressing, crafting, etc.


go SHOP ...

Visit my shops and enjoy 20% off ALL orders TODAY ONLY!!!


Place orders via e-mail to cristinaashleydesigns@gmail.com

Have FUN and happy December 1st!!!