i'm still alive part 2 ...

Okaaayyy ... So I am alive, but I want to make a couple changes to the previous post! This past month has been so stinkin' busy for our family as we have moved, had company in town, lots of birthdays to celebrate, traveled to Southern California to see family, etc. Oh, and caught up on LOTS of orders! Due to this craziness, have closed my shop for the time being, until I hire some help. I was planning on having my shop open for Holiday orders, but it doesn't look like I will have the help I need in time.

I have just recently started my Christmas shopping and as I was checking things off my shopping list I felt bad that some of you had my jewelry in mind for some of your Holiday gift giving. So I had an idea ...

I will open my shop to take Holiday orders for ONE DAY and one day ONLY!!! This day will be Friday, November 6th. Yep, that's in 3 days! I will open my shop late Thursday night and it will be closed by the time I go to bed Friday night ... So act quickly! I do have some strict guidlines to follow. You may read through those below:


* I will only be available for limited "conversation" time and emails on Etsy. Please avoid lots of special requests that will require me to respond. This may result in your purchase not being in on time!
* I do not have the resources to do RUSH orders.
* I get LOTS of emails daily about status of orders and questions. Having to respond to these only slows me down. I will not respond to these emails.
* Orders will be shipped by December 18th, unless I mention otherwise to an individual. If you will already be gone for vacation, please make a note of the mailing address in the notes section of the invoice. NOT on a seperate email or "conversation". I will send the order there instead.
* Please make sure that the entire invoice has been completed for your transaction {correct mailing address, payment completion, etc.}. Many times people forget to click the "pay now" button and think their orders is placed, when it has not been completed. Orders that are not paid on this day will not be made.

I think that's it! Sorry for all the "rules". I am hoping to avoid snags along the way that would typically slow me down during a busy time. I wish you all a wonderful Holiday season! Thanks for your continued business and support. I appreciate each one of you!