i'm still alive ...

Hi there blog friends! We are moved and still getting settle in. Feels good to be in a cozy home now. I think we've had a fire 3 times a week! We love fires, especially with this colder weather ... Yum!

Don't know if you've noticed, but I have closed down my Etsy shop for just a bit. I was getting backed up with orders and was having a hard time finding the time to get them all done. I am getting caught up ... Most orders are out by now. I have a small pile going out tomorrow and then I only have a few more to complete. Then I can enjoy my "time off" before the rush of the Holiday orders. This month is a busy month with family in town, going to Southern California, Halloween, etc. Busy and fun!

I am in the process of finding an assistant to help me with my orders from here on out. This has been a long time coming ... I want to be able to better serve my customers and give them the attention they need, and get their orders out a little quicker. Ahhh, that would be so nice!

Especially with the new baby on the way, it is important for me to spend lots of quality time with Kylie and prepare for the new little one. Be praying for the right person to come along ... I need one FAST so I can open my shop and start taking Holiday orders!!! I would really appreciate it :) XOXO


Jenna Lyndsay said...

I wish I lived up there! I could double as assistant and babysitter and of course, best friend. :)