back ...

It only took me 3 days afer company left to recoup and get back into the swing of things {I haven't started back to the Facebook and Twitter yet ... I'm just not ready!}.

Thanks for yor patience on pending orders! Lots will be going out this week. I have a few new designs to share with you in a few days. One of which will be the "surprise design" ... But I wont be telling you which one it is until the end of the month!

*** New in the shop ***
I will be adding an item to my Etsy shoppe that has had frequent requests. The option to purchase a 20" ball chain to replace the standard 18" ball chain. If you would prefer the 20" chain, all you have to do is add it to your cart, along with your necklace, and you're set!

Happy Wednesday!


Deilia said...

can I order the longer chain w/out a new necklace purchase? I'd love to have the longer length for the one I have.